China Retail: Thriving Through a Crisis

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This webinar discusses how the China market has moved towards COVID-19 recovery and what global brands and retailers can learn from their efforts.

The discussion covers:  

  • What can global brands learn from China’s recovery so far?
  • Why is the Chinese consumer such an important opportunity for global brands?
  • How can retailers learn from Chinese digital innovations being pioneered right now?
  • What underlying characteristics allowed China retail to thrive through a crisis?
  • How should brands evaluate their ecommerce and mcommerce strategies?
  • What enabled Hermes to reopen in China and achieve its largest one-day sales ever?

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Presenter: Jonathan Smith, CEO & Founder, Hot Pot China

Jonathan is a fluent Mandarin speaker and marketer with over 15 years’ experience living and working in China. His focus has been on growing global brands in China via digital, content, retail and ecommerce initiatives.

Jonathan is a thought leader on digital and consumer trends in China having presented keynotes at Google, AdAge, AdWeek, ChinaConnect and FUTR.

This webinar was first hosted in collaboration with FUTR on 23.04.2020.

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