By 2020, Chinese consumers will constitute 60% of global eCommerce. Our services are tailored to help you anticipate and capitalise on this unmissable opportunity.

Establishing your brand in China isn’t an easy task. Whether you choose to work with a Chinese third party or try to grow your own team on the ground, language and cultural barriers can present businesses with a range of challenges, from brand safety issues to costly operational inefficiency.

Hot Pot offers a third way. We combine deep local experience with a global footprint, and understand the demands of international business as well as the subtleties of China’s rich and complex culture. Our team has a wealth of client-side experience, and can plug directly into your organisation, providing an immediate infusion of knowledge across strategy, planning and execution. And with a flexible group of subject matter experts, we can scale alongside you as you succeed and grow.

Your China Strategy

Our experts work hand-in-hand with your team to establish a defendable, highly informed approach to China that aligns with your global strategy and marketing goals.

We help you anticipate challenges, avoid roadblocks, and accelerate your route to market.

  • Consumer insights
  • Brand strategy & messaging
  • Retail strategy
  • Digital strategy

Delivering in China

Our experienced team are on the ground in Beijing and Shanghai to deliver and optimise every component of your plan. Whether we’re executing on social media, digital campaigns, O2O or even developing bespoke technical solutions, you’ll have access to an unparalleled team of digital experts dedicated to squeezing every last drop of value from your budget.

And to make management as simple as possible, you’ll have a single point of contact to guide you throughout, and regular reports on revenue, return-on-investment and profitability.

  • Digital activation and innovation
  • Localised campaigns and creative
  • Channel & partner management
  • WeChat, Weibo, emerging social channels
  • Reporting, measurement and benchmarking

Planning & Metrics

We’ll help you transform your strategy into an actionable plan and a meaningful set of metrics. We know where to assign budget to maximise return against your goals, and have a trusted network of partners who can quickly get you up to speed across the full range of platforms and channels.

  • Omnichannel roadmap
  • Expert partner network
  • Phased budget and KPI planning

Ready to begin your journey into China? Already here but looking to push further? Let us be your guide.