Young Chinese consumers are some of the most fashion-conscious on the planet. To achieve their goal of increased sales on Tmall Global, Urban Outfitters knew they would have to raise awareness and affinity in this key demographic. Working with social influencers to project the brand’s values of positivity and individuality, Hot Pot’s strategy delivered an authentic, persuasive campaign that consistently outperformed its revenue targets.

01. The Business Needs

Build brand awareness to drive traffic and sales on Tmall.

02. Our Approach

Provided research and insights to help Urban Outfitters understand how to make their brand values resonate with a millennial Chinese audience.

Tailored creative to convey core campaign message of positivity and individuality.

Used key influencers to seed messaging, achieving both authenticity and reach.

Created a combination of in-market and US-based media assets to drive home the aspirational and international nature of the brand.

03. The Outcome

Outperformed all yearly conversion and revenue targets to date.
Established Urban Outfitters as a brand with a strong identity that resonates with Chinese youth.