Fortnum & Mason’s luxury hampers, tea, coffee and gifts have been a part of life in England for over 300 years. Recognising a growing appetite for their products among aspirational Chinese consumers, the brand worked with Hot Pot to develop a strategy for China that would encourage tourist spend and mainland eCommerce activity.

01. The Business Needs

Build on the sales opportunity created by the brand’s popularity with Chinese tourists.

02. Our Approach

Developed a three-year strategy for brand growth in China.

Produced a detailed roadmap for delivery against strategic goals.

Delivered targeted content to Chinese travellers and eCommerce shoppers.

Built WeChat H5 microsite promoting Fortnum & Mason’s values of luxury and connoisseurship to a discerning Chinese audience.

Customer data gathered during peak Golden Week travel period used for ongoing brand communications and retargeting with a follow-up eCommerce campaign in China.

“While Fortnum’s has always been an English brand with a global palate, we are delighted that Hot Pot can help us take our engagement with our Chinese customers to the next level, thanks to their deep in-market expertise and hands-on practical experience. They have helped us plan out a compelling short, medium, and long term route to commercial success in China, and their team are now delivering that plan for us day to day.”

Zia Zareem-Slade, Customer Experience Director, Fortnum & Mason