In September, Hot Pot were invited by Google to present at their 2018 APAC Retail Executive Summit in Shanghai.

CEOs, CMOs and other high-level Executives from across 20 large multi-national retailers from Germany, Austria, and the US gathered in China for an immersion trip that was to take in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Beijing. The first day was hosted at the Google offices in the World Financial Centre in Pudong, Shanghai. The objective was to develop an understanding of the overall opportunity as well as challenges to China market entry and development with a focus on digital, especially the power of WeChat.

Adam Sandzer, Hot Pot Strategy Director, attended and presented three practical strategies to unlock sustainable market share and profit growth in China.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be Relevant: Understand your Chinese consumer and tailor activations to ensure that whilst staying true to your global brand your communication resonates with them
  • Be Digital: Follow your consumer onto the digital channels they want you to be – WeChat is key but also consider more nuanced platforms for your category e.g. Keep, Xiachufang, Bili Bili. Integrate omnichannel and think about holistic CRM solutions
  • Be Agile: Adopt a test, learn and scale or fail fast mentality and move at China speed – things move quicker than anywhere else in the world and if you do not react quickly you will quickly be left behind

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