China Beauty: Timeline of Animal Testing Regulations

New measures now indicate that as of May 1st 2021 animal testing exemptions will be granted for some manufacturers.

The Ox brings Opportunity in China

Hot Pot examine six strategies that will guarantee to have you screwing up Singles’ Day in a big way (as well as how to get it right).

How To Screw Up Singles Day

Hot Pot examine six strategies that will guarantee to have you screwing up Singles’ Day in a big way (as well as how to get it right).

Lucky in Love? The Best and Worst of the 2020 Qixi Brand Campaigns

From product flops to standout campaigns, we break down some of the successful and not-so-successful Qixi 2020 campaigns.

What Pandemic? 3 Ways to Remain Relevant with Chinese Travellers in 2020

Given Chinese consumers' hesitations to travel and therefore to spend abroad, read how can brands can remain relevant.

#ChinaSuccess Video Series

This webinar discusses how the China market has moved towards COVID-19 recovery and what global brands and retailers can learn from their efforts.

How Marketing Trends Are Shaping Organisational Needs in China

Hot Pot and FESCOAdecco discuss key trends in the China retail market and the impact that they are having on human resources.

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Tmall Partner

China is the world’s largest online retail market, but is Tmall right for you? Here's our guide on selecting a TP.

Realising Value with China’s Digitally Engaged Football Fans

Leagues and Clubs must invest time and financial resources to build their brand and grow an engaged fan base in China.

The Rise in Private Traffic

Private traffic has grown because of the rising cost of paid traffic. Brands are looking to reduce their CPA through owned audiences.

China Success – 3 Questions with Robin Trebbe, MD APAC, Intersport

Jonathan is joined by Robin Trebbe, MD APAC at Intersport, to discuss running, sports trends in China, and digital channels.

‘618’ Netted £110 Billion in Sales. Did you miss out?

618 is China’s mid-year shopping festival. Alibaba reported £79B and reported £30B in total transaction volume.

Chinese Beauty Consumers Want Innovation, Education & Personalisation

Covid-19 has served to entrench and accelerate attitudes, preferences and behaviours, rather than replace them.

How To Engage China’s Silver Spenders

Collectively, China’s silver spenders account for US$700B in consumer spending, with more than US$2.4T in savings.

Uncovering the Truth about Live Streaming in China

Live streaming is the ‘in’ thing right now in China. If you're considering live streaming for your brand, here are a few fundamentals to follow.

Hot Pot’s Guide to ShiHuo 识货 – the app for sport enthusiasts

This 101 guide on ShiHuo focuses on how to capture the audience on this platform and show cases several case studies.

Labour Day Tourism Figures Are Cautiously Optimistic

It is encouraging that 115 million people travelled, even knowing that there would be extra restrictions in place due to Covid-19.

On Demand Webinar | How China Brands and Retailers Thrive During a Crisis

This webinar discusses how the China market has moved towards COVID-19 recovery and what global brands and retailers can learn from their efforts.

4 Trends Shaping China’s Luxury Market Amid Covid-19

We have observed an acceleration of these 4 existing trends that have gained momentum due to the impact of Covid-19.

Comparing Consumer Confidence in the US, China & Italy

Hot Pot studied survey responses from three countries to analyse the impact that COVID-19 is having on consumer confidence.

Love in China – Why So Many Valentine’s Days?

Any celebration that brings people together, virtually or physically, is a welcome relief. Thankfully, there are a many occasions to celebrate love…

Brands Leading with Positivity in China

As brands globally look to understand the “new normal” brought about by the Covid-19 virus, we take a bitesize look at how brands in China adapted…

New World Order: The Urgency of the China Opportunity

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on global markets, China is now well into recovery mode and many businesses are 3-4 weeks into implementing…

How Global Retailers Can Get ‘China Ready’

Chinese tourists are increasing every year. Here are our quick wins for retailers to help them get 'China Ready.'

Retail Hive Wrap Up

Hot Pot recently led two roundtable discussions focused on China’s luxury opportunity. Here is a top-line summary of Jonathan’s guidance he shared…

A Note on the Coronavirus

A note from Jonathan Smith, Hot Pot's Founder & CEO, on China's resilience, adaptability, and solidarity.

The Biggest Mistake Global Brands Make in Building China Campaigns

There are two classic approaches that fail to hit the mark. This is Hot Pot's approach on how to 'localise' for China.

The Role of Offline in China’s Digital-First Market

Brand leaders must think differently about offline in China, in terms of cost, execution, and integration with their digital strategy.

2020 Predictions: Brands Must Try Harder to Win Over Chinese Consumers

Hot Pot China's strategy team lay out the need-to-know trends for China success in 2020 and beyond.

Reflections on 2019 from CEO Jonathan Smith

Hot Pot China CEO Jonathan Smith reflects on the last 12 months of building value with China.

11.11 Singles Day Predictions from Hot Pot China

Hot Pot China's set of predictions for the world's biggest single shopping day.

NARS Orgasm Collection: Shanghai O2O Case Study

An on-the-ground examination of cosmetic brand Nars' recent product launch in Shanghai. What global brands can learn about O2O initiatives.

What Next for Little Red Book?

Has Little Red Book lost its way? What next for the highly influential platform?

Alibaba Commits to O2O with “Tmall Ideal Life Club” Experience Centre in Shanghai

Last month, the “Tmall Ideal Life Club” 天猫理想生活体验中心 experience centre landed at the Shanghai K11 Arts & Shopping Mall, where its launch edition…

Navigating the Lunar New Year Marketing Minefield

A no-holds-barred look at what global brands are still getting wrong when it comes China campaign planning.

Are UK Retailers Doing Enough to attract Chinese customers this New Year?

The Lunar New Year, taking place this year on 5 February and marking the start of the Year of the Pig, is a huge deal for Chinese consumers. That…

Why Burberry’s Chinese New Year Campaign Doesn’t Quite Hit the Spot

Nearly.. but not quite. An in-depth look at why Burberry has turned off Chinese consumers with its latest brand campaign.

Alibaba and Double 11 in 2018: Beyond the Numbers

The Hot Pot strategy team breaks down the key trends stemming from Alibaba's Double 11 festival 2018.

Hot Pot Opens Shanghai Office

Hot Pot has officially landed in Shanghai with the opening of a new office in K11 Art Mall.

Hot Pot Presents at 2018 Google APAC Retail Summit, Shanghai

In September, Hot Pot were invited by Google to present at their 2018 APAC Retail Executive Summit in Shanghai.

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