What has actually happened with animal testing requirements? 

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By Jonathan Travers-Smith

Up until recently with a few exceptions China required animal testing on all imported cosmetics on arrival in country.

New measures now indicate that as of May 1st 2021 exemptions will be granted for manufacturers that provide a ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ certificate, issued by government regulatory departments. This will mean the removal of compulsory animal testing for those that comply and will no doubt lead to a flood of additional brands looking to build meaningful market share in China.

France will be the first EU country to qualify for the above exemptions due to the development of a dedicated platform by the French government that enables French beauty makers to obtain relevant certification. Dependent on the success of these measures other countries may soon be able to follow suit.

Check out Hot Pot’s summary timeline below of the key changes to legislation, feel free to save, share and Get in touch for a discussion on how these changes may impact your brand. 


Animal testing regulation timeline China

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